Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Currently on heavy rotation chez me: Sean Paul's Dutty Rock. Altho I can't seem to get past track 5. hmmmmm.

"Is this Shaggy?" enquiries a housemate.
"Sean Paul" I reply.
"Is that Shaggy's real name, then?" he further probes.
"Well, he sounds like Shaggy"
"They are both ragga singers"
"Yes, ragga or dancehall. From Jamaica"

Ah ha! I (30, librarian) am momentarily cooler than my housemate (35, acountant). I even have as Greensleeves sampler somewhere.

'Ear me now, rude bwoy!
I arrived back on Saturday. I had about 400 emails awaiting me to trawl thru so I wimped out and went to the cinema to see "Return of the King". Bad move.

Why it didn't work for me

- It's long. I don't think I have ever had the urge to leave the cinema before a film is over (except for that one time when I was seven I ran out a showing of The Black Hole coz it was too damn scary) but at the 2 hour mark I was looking at watch going "enough already, i could murder some sorbet".

- It's nothing to do with my life. The characters are all noble and heroic - or evil. And the goodies fight the baddies and win and most of them live happily ever after. Hooray. But their heroism (basically twatting people in battle) wouldn't last them five minutes here. And I look at my box of emails with its tangle of relationships and half-truths and compromises and, frankly, facing a bunch of orks seems preferable sometimes. Coz most of us aren't chosen for "destiny". Just life, geezer.

So I spend 5 days sitting on various Gilli islands and not doing very much. A tropical island with friendly natives and a ready supply of coconut juice. I suppose this is paradise. It says so on the tin. Maybe I saw too many Bounty Bar commercials as a child.
Gilli Air around 7 pm. The sun is going down beind the trees which are a sumptious green. To the West, the water looks like beaten copper stretching into an ultramarine blue (is it just my brain or does the water actually glow?). The full moon has risen and there is a trickle of silver on the water. In the distance, the mountains of Lombok reflect the last of the sun and a rainbow stretches from the crags into the clouds hovering above them.

This Beauty. My greedy eyes strain to take it all in. My heart breaks.
Thursday, January 08, 2004
Apparently I slept thru an earthquake on the morning of Jan 2nd. About a 6 on Richter scale so I'm told.

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